Crafting a Film: Great Minds Think Alike

The design world prides itself as being an advocate of diversity. In order to create novel solutions, designers aim to go beyond the commonly known, to “think outside of the box,” as the metaphor goes. However, little of the monotonous nature of the designer world is perceived by the designers themselves. We, as designers often forget to question our own perspectives, the uniformity of our own world in imposed upon that of others.

In this film we have made a satire of design education by creating a literal depiction of the homogenous production of new designers. The enclosed spaces not only give shape to shared ideas and values, but also give rise to similar habits and actions. We also aimed to juxtapose designerly and mechanical behaviours by drawing aesthetic parallels between the fast-paced and repetitive actions carried out by the designer and the machine. By using consistent viewpoints and camera angles we reflect upon the stereotypical designer perspective.

Team members: Madyana TorresMiglé Padegimaite, Lauren Robertson, Jenni Toriseva

Tutor: Martin Gärdemalm